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Hi. Welcome to the NetLSD page. This is a project to create a BSD/Linux distribution, and forever put an end to the GNU/Linux debate. For you see, with a Linux distribution that uses mostly BSD tools, and the BSD philosophy, then you'll need to distinguish between BSD/Linux and GNU/Linux.

I want to help!
or: I want to spend hours doing thankless work

Great! I'm currently putting together the base distribution and I've nearly got it to a releasable point, except that I'm using GNU tools for the time being. As we get things ported, we'll drop them in.

Way's that you can help:

  1. Porting. We're basing our work off the NetBSD Source Tree. The first task will be to port the libc over, then start on client programs. The general plan to base the system on NetBSD's libc, but also have runtime/cross compiler support for GNU libc 2.1.x. If you have any patches you can contribute to this, we'd welcome them being sent to patch@netlsd.org.
  2. Documentation. I want this to have a complete set of man pages. There are many that will need to get written.
  3. This web page. I suck at html. You can probably do better. This is on sourceforge, so php3, mysql, and other such things are at your disposal. Send zwhite@netlsd.org a URL for your concept of what this site should look like, and if I like it you can sign up for sorgeforge and I'll add you to the project.


Thu Dec  7 10:48:04 PST 2000

Well, I haven't had much time to work on NetLSD, what with work and all, but I have had a little, and am now building up a resonable source tree. Maybe soon I can have a usable system and actually start porting the libc. In other news, I found an article I wrote a couple years ago for System Failure on the DaemonLinux project, which never really took off. It reminded me a bit of why I'm doing this. -zwhite

Fri Sep  1 09:32:26 PDT 2000

Thanks to SourceForge, we are now being hosted on real bandwidth. I should also have some more time to work on it "Real soon now," but for now you can try the latest release.


Fri Jun 23 23:46:56 GMT 2000

Well, we finnally got some network connectivity issues worked out. While the main web server and mail server was down I got a base distro released. It is still very rough, and I don't even have install disks or scripts done. But if you want to prepare some partitions and untar it and get the system booting yourself, you can find what I've released at the main ftp site. If you can't figure out how to install NetLSD at this point, it's probably not something you want to be using yet.


Tue Jun 13 05:00:49 GMT 2000

If you're looking for anyone involved with NetLSD, join EFnet #NetLSD.


Mon Jun 12 09:30:04 GMT 2000

We now have a Mailing list. To subscribe, send a blank email to netlsd-subscribe@netlsd.org. Archives will be going up "Real soon now" (TM).

I've almost completed the base system. For the time being, I've just put together a distro using mostly GNU tools. Once I have the devel machine finished, I'll release the distro and begin porting the NetBSD utils over.

At some point, I'm going to want a logo. I have a concept drawing I did one day, but I'm not that great of an artist. Still, if you want to see what I did in an afternoon with the gimp, you might look at this. If you think you can do a better job (and believe me that won't be hard) then send a URL to webgimp@netlsd.org.


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