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Mini FAQ:


NetLSD is a project to create a BSD/Linux distribution, that is, the Linux Kernel paired with the BSD utilities.

We're starting with a base distro assembled using a BSD FS layout, BSD style init scripts, and GNU file and sh utils. As we get the NetBSD source tree ported over we'll replace the GNU versions.


Because we can. Also, with a BSD/Linux distribution out there, it should end the Linux vs. GNU/Linux debate that flares up on slashdot and various mailing lists from time to time.


The project is being headed up by Zachary White . Help is currently lacking for porting efforts. If you would like to help, you can join the mailing list by sending a blank message to netlsd-subscribe@netlsd.org.


You can get the development snapshots at ftp://darkstar.frop.org/pub/NetLSD or from anything listed in the MIRRORS file.


When will 1.0 be out? As soon as we get the source tree ported. Want to see it happen faster? Offer to help out.

Licensing issues:

Obviously, none of what we want to do would be possible without the idea of Free/Open Source Software. With that in mind, the NetLSD project wants to keep the software we use open source. All software included with NetLSD will remain under the original license, even if relicensing is permitted, and any source code which we have access to and permission to distribute will be released. Any new software which NetLSD writes will be released under the BSD license (No advertising clause) so as to make the software as unrestricted as possible.

As of 2000, June 24, we have source code up. There is still some source missing, mostly that not built on the main dev machine (notably that included in skel). As there were changes made to get some stuff to compile and place things in the correct directories, I have simply tar'd up the source trees I used to build things. As I get time, I will be generating patches, and including the original dist files. If there is a package that's not up yet and you want to see how I got it compiled, email zwhite@netlsd.org requesting the package and I will get it up as soon as possible.

Unfortunatly, at this time we can not include all the software we'd like to include in the base distribution, notably Cryptography software. As NetLSD is based in the US, we are not permitted to distribute strong cryptography to those outside the US and Canada. Furthermore, due to the RSA/DSI patent of the RSA algorithim, US users are not permitted to use the RSA algorithim for commercial purposes without a license. Non-commercial users may use the RSA algorithim, but only if they use the RSAREF library. With both these restrictions placed on the use of the RSA algorithim, NetLSD will not be releasing ssh or ssl as part of the distribution until September of this year (2000), when the RSA/DSI patent on the RSA alhorithim expires. At that point, we will release a US only package that includes OpenSSL and OpenSSH. If you are outside the US, and would like to build/host a crypto package for NetLSD, we'd love it. Please contact zwhite@netlsd.org if you can make such a contribution.


Ok, NetLSD-devel is not for the faint of heart. If you wish to install and test, you'll need to manually prepare your system; no fancy install system has yet been written. Just setup your ext2 partitions, mount them, untar the packages (00skel.tgz, 01comp.tgz, 01net.tgz, 01games.tgz) and setup lilo, or whatever other booting meathod you plan to use. From there, you're on your own. If you can't figure out how to do this, you probably shouldn't be running NetLSD quite yet.

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